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if you add me, i'll add you ;)
i mainly write fanfics about my favorite OTP and possible entries of randomness.
will update soon with a fic-index. Fic index is finally here.

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So I might be the only one excited about this whole Jin & Meisa rumour (and pictures at disneysea) but it reminds me of a little fanfic I wrote for the jewhiteday last year. It was written for myxstorie and this is the link for it "Love is..."

Of course though -- I'll post it here. :)

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It's been a long time.

Seriously, it's been so long.Collapse )
Seriously, it's been so long.Collapse )---

thanks for reading, my rant. I apologize for my absence, I really think about writing everyday and think about my f-list. I am always watching. I hope you're all doing well. i miss you guys!

And please keep your prayers with Japan.


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i sound like a broken record, huh? always apologizing for the long gaps of no updates X_X!
i'll try to make it up to you with some really...okay drabbles.
all of them are yamaki, and were really some random moments...

really short stuff.

He coos at her.Collapse )i promise you guys though, i have been writing and i'm no where near quitting on you guys either. so i'm sorry but have some faith ...i'll be appearing again.

and btw -- i feel like the only one in my flist maybe, but i'm participating in jewhiteday, so anticipate for that too!

i hope to update soon.
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As you know, I've been participating in the the bi-weekly contest community for InuYasha called iy_themes.
For a recent theme, I had won first place for my story "For Granted".
It really was an unexpected win, but super appreciated for it.

This is the beautiful banner I was awarded with. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

you can read it here. ^_^

However, since the community only serves to 18+, i'll post it here too.
Title: For Granted
Author: missiemae
Prompt: #10 - mind
Rating: G
Word Count: 200 exactly
Genre: Canon; angst
Summary: How naive of her to believe she had more time with her...

Prompt #10 - Mind - For GrantedCollapse )
Now, the theme 'Mind' was limited to 200 words per piece, so I had used an original story and basically cut it down to size in order to fit as a piece. There are some similarities but the plot is the same. I am real fond of the original, so I'm going to post this as well and then you can tell me what you like better. =)

Title:  For Granted (original)

Author: missiemae

Rating: G

Genre: Post-Canon

Word Count: 408

Summary: Because they have forever on their side…


For Granted - Original VersionCollapse )

OH BTW - Hello InuYasha Kanketsu-hen! Everyone needs to check it out, InuYasha the anime is finally back!
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